This module provides an easy way to create a variety of commonly used trusses. They are created as ACA Structural Members comprised of the primary truss chords, for a reasonable representation of the building. Truss members are labeled with the same tag a other members for consistent appearance in plan view. Other aspects, such as layering, are the same as for other members. 

Getting Started

KCS Trusses are accessed via the newly expanded ribbon tab.

   A toolbar is also provided: 

The Wood Trusses button takes you to the main dialog:

Start by selecting the desired truss type, then click SPECIFICATIONS. This will take you to another dialog, which will vary somewhat according to the truss type. Two truss types are shown here:

Set specifications as desired. The Add Truss button will allow you to place the truss, as an AEC Structural Member, in your drawing. It will automatically be placed on top of the AEC walls selected. Another option on this screen is the Detail Dwg button. This will create an equivalent 2D drawing that can be dimensioned and further detailed as desired.


Truss Schedule

The truss schedule is an AEC_Schedule_Table object, generated from Property Set Definitions that are automatically applied to the truss members via the tags. The appearance of the schedule can be modified by editing the schedule style, through standard ACA functionality.

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