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KCS Batch Processing

Download version 1.0 (released 7/22/14) 


This utility provides batch processing without the problems often encountered with other script-based batch utilities. The main problem with others is that any open drawing will halt the process. KCS Batch Processing overcomes this problem in the following ways:

1. If the drawing is to be plotted only (not saved), KCS will open it read-only and do the plot. If the plot should fail, it will write an entry to a failure log

2. If other actions are to be done and Saved, KCS will open it read-only so it can write an entry to a failure log, then close it without saving. 

If a failure log is created, it will be displayed when the batch is done, indicating each problem drawing and the error, along with who had it open. The Retry button will then allow you to process this list again. (See below for further details.)

Drawing Selection

There are a number of ways to add drawings to the list:

1. Add Folders: This method allows you to choose a complete folder to add at once, with an option to include all sub-folders.

2. Add Files: This method allows you to choose any number of individual drawing files (multiple files can be selected at once.)

3. Save and Restore: You can Save the current drawing list and Restore that list at any time.

4. Remove: You can Remove selected files from the list at any time.

5. Retry: If the previous batch run encountered any open drawings that could not be saved, or drawings that could not be plotted as specified, the Retry button will access that log and present a list of those drawings.

Plot Options

Two commonly used plot options are provided, each using whatever plot configuration is current in the drawing. Note that even opened drawings will be opened (read-only) and plotted. If more detailed plot options are desired, they may be created in the Custom Commands option (see below).

Other Actions 

Some commonly needed batch actions are provided. You can also employ the Custom Commands option to do just about anything you wish to accomplish (see below). 

Custom Commands

A Kcs_Batch_Custom.lsp file is provided, in the same folder as the VLX file. This file defines a KCS_BATCH_CUSTOM function that will be run when Your Custom Commands is selected. This function can be edited to do whatever you want it to do. The recommended practice is to define a function of your own (or any number of them) in this file, test each of your functions, and then include whichever function(s) you wish to run as part of the main KCS_BATCH_CUSTOM function. This file includes comments, instructions, and a few sample functions to get you started. If your own LISP skills aren't quite up to the task, you can contact KCS (or any other LISP expert you may know) to help you out.

Custom Plot Functions

This utility provides a function (kcs_batch_plotfinish) to be used with any custom plot routine. Once you have your 
"-plot" command worked out, leave off the final Enter ("") or two, and follow it with the (kcs_batch_plotfinish) function. This function will feed the Enters to the plot command (up to five of them) until the command is finished. This will ensure that any deviation from the expected number of Enters will be handled. In addition, if something unexpected should make the plot command cause an endless loop, this function will recognize that and cancel the plot command so the batch process can continue. And it will then write an entry into the kcs_batchfail_log, to be displayed when the batch is complete. See the batch_pdf_layouts function in the

Plotting to PDF Files

If you are batch plotting to 100 PDF files, you probably don't want to come back to find 100 PDF files open on your system! KCS cannot control this, but here's how you can (assuming the use of "DWG to PDF.pc3"):

Open PAGESETUP in any drawing, and select "DWG to PDF.pc3", then click Properties. Click Custom Properties, and turn off the setting shown here.
NOTE: You may need to review other settings and re-test after making the above change.


Start Batch

At this time, if Save is specified. each selected file will be checked to see if it might be open. Any open files will be displayed in a list, along with who has each file open and on what system.

This Preliminary Warning, along with the warning message shown, allows you to notify others to close those drawings before proceeding. For files on your own system, you will most likely need to exit KCS Batch to do so. Select the "Save List and Exit" button, then use the "Restore Saved Drawing List" button to retrieve that list.

In addition to the Preliminary Warning, the status of each drawing will also be checked as it is opened. Any that are already open at that time cannot be saved and will be posted to a failure log (unless being plotted only), and this log will be displayed when the batch is finished. The files listed in this log can then be processed again, after getting them closed, by selecting the "Retry Failed Drawings" button.

Once the batch starts, a progress bar will indicate the percentage done, until completion.



For any problems, critiques, or kudos, please contact kcs@krupacadd.com. We'd like to hear from you.


Version History

1.00 - Initial release 7/22/14


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