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Productivity Tools and Custom Applications for AutoCAD

KCS for AEC - What's New?
New features and revisions introduced, by version number. 
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9.5.7  (10/21/20)
* Updated for R2022, (and later)
* No longer dependent on AutoCAD version
* This update is free for authorized 9.5 users

9.5.5  (4/1/20)
* Updated for R2021 (and probably beyond!)
* This update is free for authorized 9.5 users

9.5.4  (4/4/19)
* Updated for R2020
* This update is free for authorized 9.5 users

9.5.3  (4/13/18)
* Updated for R2019
* This update is free for authorized 9.5 users

9.5.2  (3/29/17)
* Updated for R2018
* This update is free for authorized 9.5 users

9.5.1  (5/22/16)
* Bug in Bearing and Dimensions command fixed

9.5  (4/22/16)
* Updated for R2017
* Dim extension linetype control added (R2017+ only)
* Dim extension visibility toggle added
* Fix for Enhanced Status scale change at status bar
* Bearing fixes
* This update requires a RE-PURCHASE, unless previous purchased this year or last

9.4.1  (3/26/15)
* Bug fix: AutoLayer failed if any layer key had no description
* This update is free for authorized 9.1-4 users

9.4  (3/22/15)
* Updated for R2016
* This update is free for authorized 9.1-3 users

9.3  (4/24/14)
* Updated for R2015 Dark color scheme
This update is free for authorized 9.1-2 users, or if previously purchased this year or last

9.2  (4/2/14)
* Updated for R2015
This update is free for authorized 9.1 users, or if previously purchased this year or last

9.1  (5/2/13)
* Updated for R2014
* Preferred install location is now c:\Kcs_AEC (to fix problem of KCS toolbars not available)
* This update is a RE-PURCHASE, unless previously purchased this year or last

9.0  (4/23/12)
* Updated for R2013
* Support for R2004-R2009 dropped (v8.9.3 available on request)
* This update is free for authorized 8.7+ users

8.9.3  (4/5/12)
* Menu bugs fixed.

8.9  (4/3/11)
* Updated for 2012
"Trial" version is now "Free" - no time limit 
* Authorization replaces "Professional" version (existing "Professional" users are authorized automatically)
Macro Edit button added to Macro Help dialog
Macros.lsp now in C:/ProgramData to avoid persmission problems when editing
Layer Snapshot fixes and improvements:
    - Truecolors now supported
    - Apply now recognizes bound xref layers ("*$?$*") as well as normal xref layers ("*|*")
    - Layer properties (color, linetype, etc.) in snapshot can now be applied to viewports (as well as VP Freeze status)
    - New options provided for Apply in paperspace, for added control
KCS Help improved and now web based instead of installed   
* A [Check for Update] button added to KCS Options > Info, with option to download and install (if newer is available)
* CC macro (Continuous Copy) fixed
SS macro added (Stretch Selected)
Welcome dialog (if not registered) is suppressed when running a batch script 
Misc tweaks
* This update is free for authorized 8.7+ users

8.8  (10/6/10)
* Bugfixes for 2010 & 2011 (Slide images on dialogs)
* X&Y shift bomb in Ceiling Generator fixed
* Layer Snapshot fixed: lineweights were incorrect
Macro Categories added
* Misc tweaks
* This update is free for authorized 8.7 users

8.7  (4/1/10)
* Update for 2011
* Pathing issue solved for 64-bit systems .
* Installation no longer prompts for which AutoCAD to install to, because
    the method does not work for R2010 and later. Use CUILOAD instead.
* Bug fix: text box now moves when moving text.
* Bug fix: Autolayer now works for TEXT (DT macro)
* This update requires repurchase for R2011 (but free when used with R2010 or previous)

8.6.2  (5/22/09)
* Bug fix: Auto-Layering would give error on some custom Layer Key Styles.

8.6.1  (5/05/09)
* Bug fix: Text macros and Insulation would fail if explicit layer specified instead of layer key.
* Bug fix: Multi-leaders were not being auto-layered.

8.6  (4/06/09)
* Update for ACA/MEP 2010 compatibility. 
* Updated for 64-bit compatibility (program and Installation)
* Ribbon interface added for R2009 & R2010

8.5  (Not released)

* Update for ACA/MEP 2009 compatibility. 
* In the Ceiling Grid Generator, the Find Boundary option for Xrefs no longer erroneously finds doors.

8.3  (10/18/07)
* RB macro (RedefineBloock) fixed to work correctly with Annotative blocks (R2008)
* Ceiling Grid generator: Create Space option was not working due to a change in R2008. Fixed. 
* Drawing closed with no changes made no longer prompts to Save changes.

8.2  (7/9/07)
* Installation changed to support XP64 and Vista.

8.1  (4/26/07)
* Internal revs, plus fix for a couple of obscure bugs.

8.0  (4/13/07)
* KCS made compatible with ACA/ABS R2008
Name changed, since Autodesk has abandoned the "ADT" designation
* Installs in new folder (Kcs_AEC), to reflect the name change
* Commands dealing with text and dimensions work with new Annotative property
* New Demolish command for converting existing conditions to demolition
* New Bearing command for labeling property lines

5.7  (4/14/06)
KCS made compatible with ADT/ABS R2007. 

5.6.4  (10/10/05)
Fixed two bugs reported by users:
* AUTOSNAP setting is no longer changed by a few KCS commands.
* FZ macro (Flatten Z) now flattens all dimension points.

5.6.3  (8/5/05)
* Ceiling Grid Generator revised: Now creates much smaller (more efficient) grid object. It no longer creates a grid large enough to offer dynamic rotation after placing in drawing. Instead, it prompts for X direction angle relative to the boundary orientation, which is indicated on screen with a green arrow. Eliminating the unnecessary post-rotation option typically reduces the size of the grid by 50-70%, depending on the shape of the area. Also, no more ADT alert messages when doing a very large area. The Xshift, Yshift, and base point options are still available. A new Re-balance option has been added to restore the initial balanced condition (half a tile or more at edges in both directions). This is useful in case you inadvertently picked a bogus base point.
* KCS Macro commands are now available, organized by category, in the KCS pulldown menu.
* KCS Help now works for most people using Firefox as default browser.
* The s::startup function was revised to be more forgiving of other 3rd party applications that also define this function and do not do so correctly for sharing with other applications. The result can be a "bad syntax" error when loading. This revision makes them work together and eliminates the error in most cases.

5.6.2  (5/13/05)
Compatibility issue with Express Tools fixed.

KCS made compatible with non-English versions of ADT/ABS.

KCS made compatible with ADT/ABS R2006.  Some macros were also added:
* DIC - Distance Continuous: for measuring total distance around corners
* DIT - Distance Total: for total distance of multiple segments (not necessarily continuous)
* DOB and DOF - Draw Order: bring to Front and send to Back
* EB and RB (Edit Block and Redefine Block). Alternative to Refedit, back by popular demand.
* MP - Match Properties command (because AutoCAD does not provide a shortcut for this)
* MZ - Move selected objects in Z direction (by specified amount)

Network\KCS_defaults.lsp was added to assist in pre-setting KCS Options for Multiple Users. 
For system administrators. See item #11 in Readme file for details

Initial release of KCS is mostly a conversion from the DTI Productivity Pack, with update for ADT2005. A few new features were also added: 

  KCS-ADT Toolbar

This toolbar provides quick access to the most commonly used ADT commands, as an alternative to using the Palettes.

   KCS Properties Toolbar

This toolbar may be used instead of the standard AutoCAD Properties toolbar. It provides the Color and Linetype controls, while eliminating the Lineweight and Plot Style controls. Saves space if you never use those two controls.


  Draw By Example (Clone)

This command allows you to "clone", or draw by example, almost any object already in your drawing just by picking the existing object. For all objects, it will duplicate the layer of that object. If a line is picked, it will draw a line on that layer. If text is picked, it will create text with the same style and height. If a wall is picked, it will draw a wall using the same wall style, width, height, justification, and cleanup group. And so on, for most AutoCAD and ADT objects.

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