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  Productivity Tools and Custom Applications for AutoCAD

1. On the left, outsource block WC1 has been selected.  On the right, a company standard block has been selected as an appropriate match for the outsource block.  At the cursor, we are about to make the assignment.


2. The assignment has been made. The Outsource list shows that WC1 will be renamed to WcStandRi, and WcStandRi has been removed from the list on the right, since each name can only be used once. The Outsource list has advanced to the next item.

All outsource blocks initially show a question mark for the matching block. As each is examined, many will be of no interest (do not represent items that are counted). These blocks can be marked with an asterisk, which simply means that they have been examined and determined to be of no interest. Note that outsource blocks with no matching names will not be renamed.

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