KCS Productivity Pack For AutoCAD
Current version: 1.9.6, Release date: 5/17/23
What's New

This add-on utility package is for use with plain AutoCAD (or Vertical application other than Architecture or MEP), version R2000 and later. It includes most features included in the AEC version, except for those that are specific to AEC. Some features, such as Auto-Layering, have been tailored for non-AEC use. This version also include some tools not found in the AEC version, such as Dimension tolerance tools.    

The KCS Productivity Pack is now a free utility, which may be authorized upon purchasing. All features are included whether authorized or not. The free version displays a "welcome" screen at each drawing opening. Authorizing eliminates this screen, and is available for a nominal charge

NOTE: This program requires either a full AutoCAD version, or AutoCAD LT 2024 (or later).


Download Trial / Update Edition for AutoCAD

This is a dual purpose installation file, depending on the KCS you may already have installed, as follows:

* If you do not have KCS installed, this file will install the Free version.

* If you have previously purchased and authorized the program, this file, with all latest revisions will be compatible with your current AutoCAD. 
Do not uninstall first.



Purchase Professional Edition for AutoCAD*
*NOTE: Purchase of the Professional Edition is by downloading from a secure site. 
If you prefer not to make the transaction electronically, contact us for alternate arrangements.